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Jeanine Wardman Profile for Garden Marlborough Festival

Jeanine Wardman

A Farmer-Florist Immersion

In the first of her two workshops, for the first time ever Jeanine Wardman from Verve in Marlborough invites you to visit her small commercial cut flower field outside Blenheim, for a no-holds-barred experience of what it means to be a farmer-florist.

Says Jeanine: “Sharing what we’ve learned here about growing flowers and putting them to good use, and what that does for the soul, is something I feel is of great importance in our modern lives. I am beyond excited to host the Garden Marlborough tribe here at Verve!”

The farmer-florist immersion workshop will be a full day course. The morning session gets down and dirty with the farming/floriculture aspects of cut flower growing: market gardening methods, organics, ‘lean farm’ principles, seed raising, propagation, scheduling of crops, soil amendments, bed preparation, transplanting, irrigation and harvesting/flower conditioning.

The afternoon session will be devoted to floral design, allowing you to relax into the therapeutic effects of being creative with cut flowers. It begins with a ‘free range’, good-for-the-soul, independent picking excursion. You’ll be encouraged to follow your own instincts after the morning’s ‘theory’, picking what you like and bringing it back to the shed to work/play with. Jeanine will demonstrate a few key principles of styling flowers in a vessel and will encourage, assist and be inspired herself by your creations!

Please note: this venue is 30 minutes from town. Anyone needing transport should contact the Rapaura Springs Garden Marlborough office.


The Backyard Farmer Florist

In The Backyard Farmer-Florist Jeanine gives an abundant introduction to gardening for the vase like a professional. It isn’t overly complicated to grow flowers for occasional picking in home gardens, but arranging flowers like the professionals do – with a lushness of novelty, interest and variety usually only possible via a large commercial flower market – is arguably more of a feat, one Jeanine is keen to demystify with this workshop, which sold out for both sessions in 2016.

“Having an epic selection to pick from with utter abandon is easier in your own backyard than you might think,” says Jeanine. “There are some basic fundamentals that are easily shared and explained via the commercial model. We’ve learned a few things about a field-to-vase approach to cut flower growing that this workshop will showcase, in the language of ordinary gardeners and amateur flower arrangers alike.”

Jeanine will let you in on the finer details and trade secrets of successive sowing, ‘therapeutic’ cutting, precise pruning of woody ornamentals with a view to long straight stems and impressive vase life, harnessing wildflowers and habitual self-sowers, and will even share some of her favourite, tried and trusted Top Ten lists of plants to achieve just that.


“I absolutely loved the workshop Jeanine presented on growing flowers at Garden Marlborough in 2016. Her passion, enthusiasm and knowledge was inspiring and her warm personality and love of growing things was infectious.” Lynne Hammond.






92 High Street, Blenheim



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Garden Marlborough Sposored by Rapaura Springs
Garden Marlborough Celebrating 25 Years
Garden Marlborough Sposored by Rapaura Springs
Garden Marlborough Sposored by Rapaura Springs
Jeanine Wardman Profile for Garden Marlborough Festival