Garden Marlborough Sposored by Rapaura Springs


Clever and thoughtfully designed smaller gardens are a feature of this tour. Often brimming with a profusion of luscious foliage and a myriad of spring flowers, this selection of Blenheim’s town gardens provides inspiration aplenty for gardeners wanting to exercise their creative talents on a smaller scale. This is a chance to get behind the hedges and fences and enter a private world of scent and colour.


Andrea & Peter Forrest

This garden is set at the foot of the Wither Hills and features New Zealand native plants. A waterfall, stream and pond are the main features of our garden, which is designed by a Japanese friend and based on traditional Japanese principles that a garden should reflect nature. The garden is home to many birds and frogs in the summer.


Michele & Phil Barrett

When we purchased ‘Silvermist’ it was a formal garden with hedges, boxing, white chip paths, archways and so many plants! It was stunning, but not at all low-maintenance or practical. Over 12 years much has changed, but the garden retains its original appeal, including the gorgeous rose beds and two wonderful Heritage-protected trees, one a lime that in summer buzzes so loudly with bees that it’s almost deafening. “Both trees give us essential summer shade as well as so many autumn leaves that we maintain a love-hate relationship with them. There is no theme to what is now my garden,” says Michele. “I plant what I like and what appeals in the moment. Sometimes I get it right and sometimes I get it so wrong. But it is a labour of love and a sanity-saver that makes for a happy mum and wife … and wonderful rewards throughout the seasons.”

the garden of

Geoff & Robin Robinson

This now three-year-old garden was planted by the owners around a hard landscaping plan prepared by Robert Watson and Tusha Midgley, which was detailed while the new house plan was still in the conceptual stage. This ensured that the garden complemented the final door and window placement, enhancing the indoor-outdoor flow.

The garden boasts a life-sized statue, ‘The Family’ by Alan Coleman, and a fountain water feature. The geometric shaping of the planting, which is now evident, will improve in years to come.

the garden of

Dianne Croad (New Garden)

This garden is situated on a small section backing on to the Wither Hills Farm Park, which provides a lovely backdrop to the property.

Over the past two years, with the help of Tusha Midgley, a simple, low-maintenance garden has been achieved.

Large hornbeam ‘Fastigiata’ make a statement as you enter the property and michelia has been used as hedging to soften a fence line on the northern boundary. Wire art has been used to create some points of interest and a small potager ensures a good supply of herbs and vegetables.

This garden is only two years old and is yet to reach its potential.






92 High Street, Blenheim



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Garden Marlborough Sposored by Rapaura Springs
Garden Marlborough Celebrating 25 Years
Garden Marlborough Sposored by Rapaura Springs
Garden Marlborough Sposored by Rapaura Springs